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Creando un impacto

Beyond Dreams is a program dedicated to building a better community for young individuals looking to further their studies. Beyond Dreams prioritizes helping students who are underserved and not supported by a system set in place. Providing students with different resources to continue their studies and develop new skills that will help them in their career path. 

Beyond Dreams is working to provide more scholarships and resources to students, as well as build a team that will support those young individuals in their journey.

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THE WORK OF 2021-2022

El Trabajo de 2021-2022


Zoom class is held every Thursday for an hour. These classes are facilitated by our team members Isela, Genoveva, and Tania. The topics are finances, literacy, limited liability company (LLC), and cooperatives. Students also have a month to create and present their presentation.


In person events where limited in 2021 but we where able to meet at the park with students that felt comfortable. This year we have had in person events to get to know one another, continue class, and create a bonding experience with the students. These events are held at least once a month.


Beyond Dreams has attended various community events. Including Milpitas Market, Flowers and Bullet Mercadito, and Keep Tucson Together.


Each of our awarded students have volunteered at least 10 hours at Community Food Bank and Las Mlpitas. Where they are able to learn new skills and create an impact in the community.


The scholarship is open in a yearly basis. The applicants are review and interviewed by our team in order to see the students academic goals. With the funding we hope to open again next year and have more students awarded! The scholarship money is directly sent to the students school of choice towards tuition.


Joselin has been in charge of social media and making sure students get reminders, resources, and community postings via Instagram and Facebook. This way we stay in touch with other organizations and reach other potential students.

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